Privacy, TOS, SLA and Liability


We collect minimal information from you when using our services and scripts, including but not limited to your Google email address and name, script settings, script usage statistics, warning and error messages. All this information and any other related with you is kept within our Google private account and it's not shared with any third party services. To store this information we mostly use Google Sheets and Google Firebase database with secured and private access.

All your data stays within your Google account under your full control.

We might communicate with you from time to time to follow up on errors or script issues, as well as other matters we could consider of your interest in relation with our services.

Scopes, permissions and authorization

When using any of our web apps and add-ons Scripts, hosted on Google Apps servers, you might be asked for authorization to access several services running on your Google account,  as shown below. We have added an explanation about the purpose and actual use of each of these scopes.

View and manage the files in your Google Drive
    create a private folder within your Google Drive for data files
Know who you are on Google
    for registration and authentication purpose
View and manage spreadsheets that this application has been installed in
    reading and writing only in the spreadsheets you install and use  the script
View and manage data associated with the application
    reading and writing the properties associated with the script
Connect to an external service
    posting stats, errors and warning messages to the script private log and accessing user's settings
Display and run third-party web content in prompts and sidebars inside Google applications
    showing web content for user interaction in a sidebar or dialogue

Note that the Script having access to those services doesn’t mean we do. 
We, as the developers, won’t have direct access to any of those services neither to your data within your Google account or domain.

TOS, SLA and Liability

Our web apps and add-ons scripts are hosted on Google Apps servers and all your data stays there within your Google account, accordingly both the scripts and your data will enjoy the same Terms of Services (TOS) and Service Level Agreement (SLA) you already have with Google.

The Mapping web app is using Google Maps API (Javascript API v3 calls) within the mapping html page, see specific privacy and terms here.

The same way that Google “End Users Using Scripts or Add-ons” Terms, declines to assume any responsibility for Scripts or Add-ons, we also do decline as declared in such Terms.

Our services and scripts are provided on an "AS IS" basis. In addition to that we just offer Best Effort basis SLA for the expected and correct functioning of our services and scripts, and on that we commit fully.

Other than that we offer no guarantees, warranties, or any assurances, expressed or implied, about or around the use of our scripts. Neither we can be hold accountable or liable for anything that could happen, related or not with the use of our services and scripts, even if it’s not explicitly written here.

(†) these terms might be updated at any time.