Merging your Contacts & Lists with Custom Documents, Web Pages and Emails.

xsMerge is a Web App built for your Google Apps Domain using Google Apps Script through Document / Draft Message / Web Page as Templates, combined with your Contacts Lists. Just using a simple relation between available Data in your Lists and Placeholders in your Templates, this App is able to produce merged Pdf Documents and Emails.

xsMerge is an Advanced Mail Merge tool: Merging Data from any List with your Templates, from a Google Text Document, a Draft Gmail Message or a Google Sites Web Page, so far.

Counting with your feedback we aim to keep xsMerge as the Ultimate Always-Free Merging Toolbox within Google Apps.

Install xsMerge Web App from the Chrome Web Store following this link App.theXS.ca/xsMerge

You can watch xsMerge App in action in this short video (3:43)

Find below current xsMerge Reference document including TOS and SLA.