Note: As July 2014, this App has been removed from public domain and it is only available for existing clients, as a private application.

Managing your Proposals, Offers, Quotes, Estimates and many other Documents.

xsQuaestor is a Web App built for your Google Apps Domain using Google Apps Script through Document Templates, combined with your Items and Contacts Lists. Just using a simple relation between available data in lists and named ranges in template documents, this App is able to produce custom documents addressed to one of your Contacts, with selected settings and including a list of items like your products or services, and when ready, the App will send that document in Pdf format by email on your behalf. It’s like an Advanced Mail Merge App for spreadsheets.

If you are using a spreadsheet program like Excel, as many Small and Medium Business still do, to create your estimates, quotes, offers, proposals, orders or similar documents, you will find xsQuaestor App very useful for your Google Apps Domain. It can be shared across several users in your Domain, so you will enable collaboration within your organization from the Cloud.

xsQuaestor App is only 9.95 a month (Canadian Dollars) for your whole Domain with Unlimited Users, and when installed from the Chrome Web Store, you will get 30-day Free Trial period.

Install xsQuaestor Web App from the Chrome Web Store following this link App.theXS.ca/xsQuaestor and provide your Feedback (Questions, Bugs, Suggestions) or Read / Write a Review

You can watch xsQuaestor App in action in this short video, so you can feel in advance what you will get (2:36).

Find below current xsQuaestor Reference document including TOS and SLA.