Google Apps for Business, Nothing but the Web

Post date: Jul 2, 2012 5:37:24 PM

Old News might be News for some time if they stay current and still valuable. That’s the case with this 2010 post from Google about their vision on Cloud Computing for Businesses: “Nothing but the web.” Or in other words moving IT, specially for Business to a 100% web world.When talking with new prospects about Cloud Computing I have noticed how the conversations have moved beyond “this is a way to cut costs” to “this is a better way to run my business.” Imagine the freedom: no more special hardware nor software, just a Browser.That’s the whole idea with Google Apps for Business, and at $50 per user per year, price is no longer part of the analysis – just talk about features, migration and benefits.

Including email, instant messaging, calendaring, documents, sites, video sharing and much more, Google Apps is the world’s most popular suite of web-based communication and collaboration applications.

We take care of the whole process, we walk you there… into the Cloud.

ps. I still remember about 5 years ago when starting to work with Thin Clients connected to a Linux Server, we deployed a few Terminals with Linux and just a Browser as an application — so this is for me like a dream come true.