Is Google Apps a good fit for my Business?

Post date: Aug 14, 2012 9:22:43 PM

IF you agree with any of these ten (10) statements Google Apps might be a good fit for your businessPlease, consider each of them before you set your IT strategy for the next 10 years

(information was taken from this Google page for easier and further reference)

Google Apps is designed for teams and built for the web, so everywhere you look you’ll find capabilities that help your employees work better together by leveraging the efficiency, access and economies of the cloud.

  1. I need a productivity solution that’s easy to deploy and doesn’t require the ongoing maintenance of desktop software.
  2. I want a solution that meets my needs today and automatically gets better over time.
  3. I need a productivity solution that I can rely on.
  4. I need technology that was built with security in mind.
  5. My employees need to collaborate seamlessly across organizational, geographical and linguistic barriers.
  6. I want my employees to move faster without being slowed down by inflexible technology.
  7. My employees need to use a wide range of mobile phones and tablets including Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Windows Mobile.
  8. My employees need to do more from mobile devices than just send emails.
  9. I want a simple licensing model that is cost-effective and predictable.
  10. I want to spend half as much on IT as I do today.

Most of Small Business Owners would agree with these ten (10) statements, check the details by yourself at this Google page.