Linux adoption is growing

Post date: Oct 22, 2012 1:59:33 PM

Linux has an important market share (*) but current trends on Big Data, Cloud and Security are an extra boost. As posted early this year in an article from eWeek a recent Linux Foundation survey shows that open-source technology is poised for continued growth among new and existing users for a variety of reasons, including lower total cost of ownership, technical features and security.

The major factors driving Linux adoption grow with higher % of respondents are Big Data, Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Total Cost of Ownership, Features and Security.

Also contributing to Linux adoption are available Talent, No Vendor Lock-in, Openness, Long-term Viability and Choice of Software.

Check the complete article from eWeek for more details.

(*) Linux market shares: Desktop, less than 5% | Mobile devices, more than 40% | Servers, about 80% | TOP500 supercomputers, over 90%