What I dislike about Google Apps (GApps)?

Post date: Sep 9, 2013 2:50:19 PM

I might have said what is missing, what is lacking, but I rather keep it personal and also as a sorted and dynamic draft (*)

Here is my short list on what I dislike about GApps?

  1. Shared Contacts across the Domain: Incomplete, inconsistent, cumbersome solution for sharing contacts. No actual contacts address books for sharing with different access levels across domain users and groups.
  2. Document to Pdf issue: when downloading a document as a Pdf (or emailing as a Pdf attachment) the format got wrong - luckily when printing / saving to Google Drive it's fine.
  3. Current default Gmail Inbox view by categories: Great idea with two major flaws, not showing unread messages on each category (just the most recent) and no easy way of showing unread first within each category.
  4. The new hangout widget in Gmail instead of previous standard chat that allows you to call a computer, among other features. (still using the old chat, do you?)
  5. No columns option in Google Docs Documents: Simple, there is no columns format when creating a document in Google Docs.
  6. No comments on posts in Google Sites: Only users with edit access can comment in a Google Site page. It would be much better if any authenticated user with view access can comment.

(*) I will keep this list updated as I change my mind or Google Apps does better, and also include my clients and collegues feedback.