What was that issue 4084, back in June 2014?

Post date: Jun 25, 2014 10:52:23 PM

Back in June 2014 (this month, when writing this post) Google improved their Drive web hosting service, with some unintended side effects, that we suffered for about two days.

We learnt an important lesson: even a giant like Google can create some "unintended side effects", but when you are ridding his wave, you can trust in a prompt solution, we are not alone.

I have copied below all the notes and updates we publish at that time, just for any future reference.

Temporary Issue Note (as June 12, 2014) updated Jun.16 | Jun.17 | Jun.18 FIXED !!

- There is a new and hopefully temporary problem on Google side, while loading a web page and resources (javascript, css, etc) hosted on Google Drive

- Google Drive is redirecting the Url, adding a prefix Id and removing the parameters in that web page call

- Your map page link is like https://googledrive.com/host/folderID/xsMapping.html?f=mySheet.Data.json

- But, it's converted into this, without the parameter at the end ?f=mySheet.Data.json


** that's the reason it's loading demo data instead of the user's data **

- even though they are called using a secure connection (https), they are blocked as insecure content (http)

- we opened an issue ticket (see link below)

* please, star that issue to get more attention from Google support team ()


apologies for the inconvenience

* LATEST update Jun.18 @7:25pm EDT: FIXED, since two (2) hours ago, as reported by Google, working fine since then as confirmed by several users.

** Temporary workaround you can do on your map call, while Google is fixing this issue **

Original map Url: https://googledrive.com/host/folderID/xsMapping.html?f=mySheet.Data.json

Google Issue Url: https://prefixID.googledrive.com/host/folderID/xsMapping.html

Use this Url instead: https://prefixID.googledrive.com/host/folderID/xsMapping.html?f=mySheet.Data.json

(replace prefixID, folderID and mySheet with your own information)

and it should work

* update Jun.18 @9:05am EDT: Still waiting for a fix from Google. See a workaround explained above

* update Jun.17 @11:50am EDT: Google is working on fixing this issue >> this is Google latest comment #23

"Thank you all for the reports. After some investigation, it seems that some recent changes that were made to improve Drive web hosting had some unintended side effects that are the cause of these errors.

These are in the process of being addressed, and should be corrected soon."

* update Jun.17 @11:35am EDT: this issue is back and strong since yesterday

* update Jun.12 @7:20pm EDT: it looks like this issue has been fixed, at least it's working now from my side

Please, submit a feedback (form below) if you are still having any problem

* update Jun.12 @12:20pm EDT: this problem is only happening with the Chrome browser, it is working fine on Mozilla Firefox, IE and pending to check on Mac Safari