Mapping Sheets is learning your language

As part of Mapping Sheets 2.0, we are translating the Sheets add-on and the Mapping web app to the 38 different languages currently represented by our users across the globe.

So far, we have already translated the text in the “About”, "Preferences", "Announcements" dialogues and the main "Sidebar". This change will be reflected depending on your locale.

Right now, we are using the Sheets function GOOGLETRANSLATE, so the quality of translation results might vary. We apologize in advance for any major inaccuracies.

Try "About" now from the main menu. Let us know what you think by submitting this form.

  • Is the “About” dialogue box showing up in your language?
  • How is the translation quality? Is it intelligible?
  • If you want to help us with the translations, let us know what your language is.

See a partial screenshot of the “About” dialogue box below, translated into Spanish, as an example:

After we get enough feedback on the translation quality, we will extend the language localization to every section of the user interface in the Mapping Sheets add-on and the Mapping web app. The only exceptions will be the periodic announcements, the beta opt-in content program and the add-on menu options.

You can view all the translations in the Locales Sheet, which we are sharing with the translator groups for edition. Each translator group will have access to their particular language column.

If you want to help with translations into your language, open the Locales Sheets and request edit access, adding a note on what your language is. Thanks in advance for your collaboration.

When a batch of translations is ready, we only have to run a Google Script to create the resources file for each location, then upload them all to the Server.

Translations, current status:

Mapping Sheets add-on sections

✓ Sidebar

✓ About

✓ Preferences (excluding beta scope)

- Subscription

✓ Announcements (excluding the actual content)

- Warnings

Mapping web app sections

- Document title

- Filters

- Location List

- Warnings