Custom Apps

If our focus is exclusively on the Cloud, using the G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Work) many apps and tools, then our value proposition is building integrations, workflow automation and custom Apps within and around your Domain. 

If our main line of work is around Google Apps deployment, our value proposition is then building workflow automation and custom Apps within your Google Apps Domain.

We have a small though dynamic group working in Google Apps Script, designing, developing, and deploying Cloud-based Apps running within your Google Apps Domain, like the few showing below.

Mapping Sheets with Google Maps
Plotting your own data onto a Google Map is in great demand for business and individuals.
The type of data we want to put on a map is all over the place, from business contacts to next week’s appointments, or simply your friends’ addresses.

For the first time, the Mapping Sheets add-on provides an easy way to plot your data onto a Google Map directly from Google Sheets with just a few clicks. Plus, when viewing your data on the Google Map, you will have access to the fastest searching and filtering tools available.

xsDirectory is a Web App built for your Google Apps Domain using Google Apps Script 
Every Organization needs a Directory with several Contacts Address Books to share across their Domain Users, some users would contribute to these books and others would just use them. Google Apps still does not provide such a solution and among the few third party options, none of them includes all the key elements a Shared Contacts Directory should have.

xsDirectory provides a simple non intrusive solution fulfilling all those requirements: running within your Domain (your contacts are always with you) where you can choose a group of users with access to each contacts book, and decide who has full or just view permission. Contact’s books would show up as contact’s labels on each book-group member Gmail (Contacts) and book-group owners (with full access) can freely add or edit contacts within that contact’s label (book). Additions and changes made by book-group owners will shortly propagate across the Domain and appear on the rest of book-group members Gmail (Contacts) web interface.

xsMerge is a Web App built for your Google Apps Domain using Google Apps Script through Document / Draft Message / Web Page as Templates, combined with your Contacts Lists. Just using a simple relation between available Data in your Lists and Placeholders in your Templates, this App is able to produce merged Pdf Documents and Emails.

xsMerge is an Advanced Mail Merge tool: Merging Data from any List with your Templates, from a Google Text Document, a Draft Gmail Message or a Google Sites Web Page, so far.

Counting with your feedback we aim to keep xsMerge as the Ultimate Always-Free Merging Toolbox within Google Apps.