Current Issues, FAQ, and Feedback

Current Issues

* The following error message has appeared for a few users:
        "Error: Authorization is required to perform that action"

This error happens in seldom cases, but in a persistent way, when opening the add-on sidebar. 
It seems related to a Google issue happening when the user is logged in with more than one Google account. It is still an open issue as detailed in this post.

Possible Solution: Please check if you are logged in with more than one Google account.
This issue should disappear,
* If you log in with just the intended Google account, or
* If the intended Google account is the default among the others

There are no other current issues in the add-on at this time. If you are having an issue, please submit your feedback below.
Please check the Limitations, Common Issues, and Known Errors page for more information. 


What's a "geocode" error and how do I fix it?

    More than a few users have received the following warning: "Service invoked too many times for one day: geocode." Learn more about Geocoding Service Quotas.

What does "Warning: Problem loading the .json data file" mean and how do I fix it?

    This error is related with accessing the json data file in the xsMapping folder in your Google Drive. Please read this post for more details on how to solve this issue.

Can I trust this add-on? Is it safe to use? 

    Our short answer: yes. The Mapping Sheets add-on is safe to use. You can trust this add-on.
But that's not enough. As a user, you have to do your own research about the developer/organization behind any application and come to your own conclusions. 
Trust in the Cloud is critical. It requires time and transparency. Learn more about us and what we do here.

Submit Your Feedback

We value your feedback and are always working to make the Mapping Sheets add-on better for all our users.