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+ As Sep.7 10:10 am there is a temporary issue with Google Drive affecting the Mapping Sheets add-on
It is reported here by Google, ... hopefully they fix it soon >>> FIXED already


Please, check "Limitations, Known Issues and Common Errors" page for more information

Short list of current topmost FAQ and requests

Q    Why is that "geocode" error and how to fix / avoid it?
    A    Exceeding daily Geocoding service quota: More than a few users are getting a warning about "Service invoked too many times for one day: geocode." There is not too much we can do in this case, other than wait until next day. Geocoding service quota get usually cleared after 24 hours or so. Learn more about Geocoding service quota.

Q    Will (or can) the maps automatically refresh if new data is added?
    A    There is no way for automation, at this moment within the Mapping Sheets add-on, however, triggers are now available for add-ons functionality, and we'd introduce them (time / event driven trigger) in future versions. Ideally the map data could be created (Build) time based, or in response to changes on the sheet. In those cases you'd only need to refresh the map page to get the latest version.

Q    How can I share the web map page with others?
    A    At this moment, the only option to share your map is sharing the map webpage link. We are considering other options around sharing, embedding, saving, printing, and exporting the map for future versions.

Q    Can I embed the map in my web site?
    A    It is possible to embed the map in other page, as some users have already done and shared with us. Check this post for more details on how to achieve that, and provide your feedback if you find a better way.

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