Advanced Premium Plan subscription

On this page we are gathering all the relevant information regarding the Mapping Sheets add-on Advanced Premium Plan subscription, including the process, workflow, charges, renewal and cancellation.

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Quick summary below, ahead of the subscription details

⇨ Mapping Sheets add-on
➧ Basic Free Plan: Up to 50 locations per map. Includes all the basic (−) features.
➧ Advanced Premium Plan: No restrictions in the number of locations per map. Includes all the basic (−) and advanced (+) features.

(†) Disclaimer: The Advanced Premium Plan does not avoid service errors, limitations and quotas like Google Geocoding daily quota, Google Drive maximum file size, etc.

⇨ Mapping web app
The Mapping web app is free to access, publicly available with no fee, no credentials are required for access, and the code is available on GitHub, for anyone to use.

* About the Advanced Premium Plan subscription process
- From within your Google Sheets, go to the main menu Add-ons..., then Mapping Sheets > Subscription
- That would open a dialog with more details.
- Just click on the Subscribe image and follow the steps to complete your subscription. You can pay by any major credit card or using PayPal
- After completing the subscription process, your Advanced Premium Plan should be available and active within a few moments.

* About the Advanced Premium Plan subscription charges, renewal and cancellation
- We use the PayPal gateway to process the subscriptions
- You can pay by any major credit card or using a PayPal account
- We have no access to your credit card or PayPal account, as PayPal says ... "Your personal and financial information is securely stored (at PayPal) and never shared with merchants when you pay."
- The subscription is for 1-year ahead, it's non-refundable, regardless you use it or not
- The renewal is automatic on each year unless you cancel the subscription before the renewal date
- There is no renewal alert from PayPal ahead of renewal date, as far as we know
- We will send you a renewal reminder email on the previous month of your renewal date, so you are aware of the coming automatic renewal payment
- You can cancel the subscription at any given time within the year
- The cancellation process depends on how you pay for the subscription, either by credit card or by PayPal
  - If paying with credit card, as PayPal says ... "To change or cancel your agreement, contact theXS. You may also call PayPal Customer Service at 1-888-221-1161. You will need to provide your first and last name, phone number or email address, and the last 4 digits of your credit card"
  - If paying with a PayPal account, you can cancel the subscription at any time from within your PayPal account
- Cancelling the subscription will stop any future automatic payments, but it won't refund the payment you have already done - accordingly you can keep using the plan until the end of term, for the remaining of the subscription year