Clio: Your Law Firm in the Cloud

Clio is the leader in Cloud-based law practice management. Thousands of lawyers save time using Clio.

"With Clio, your law firm will have an edge"


Now we can talk about savings, features and benefits.

Let's talk savings first.
Clio's monthly per user subscription fee is less than the cost of 1 hour of doing business for a lawyer. Considering that lawyers using Clio to manage their practices save on average 8 hours a week, then Clio is free-dom. Not just when we talk about money, but also in the lawyer's daily life.
Enjoy the Clio day video below.

Now, some comments on features
Client & Matter management: The matter as the centrepiece, with easy access to any and every related detail
Time tracking: Associated with a matter, any time, from any place (Clio, Browser, Mobile)
Calendar: Schedule and sync calendar entries with matters to track time and generate bills all in one place
Tasks and activities: Simple and cascading tasks from templates
Document management: Create and store documents associated with matters, also merging information into templates
Trust accounts: Manage trust accounts per matter and client
Collaboration: Multi-user with custom access levels, including the team of lawyers and external collaborators
Billing: Create beautiful customized invoices in one click
Reporting: Standard and in-depth reports from your whole practice
Client portal: Secure client 2-way access to shared resources using Clio Connect
            Visit the Clio website for a complete tour.

Cloud third-party integration
Google Apps for Work: From Gmail, Calendar and Drive / Docs plus archiving and eDiscovery with Vault
Mobile: Mobile-ready, but also native apps available for iOS and Android
Voice integration: Put your call-data into Clio with Phonami and gUnify
Online payment: Using reputable processing gateways like PayPal, LawPay and LawCharge
Accounting: 2-way integration with Quickbooks Online and Xero Accounting
            Visit Clio integrations and 3rd party apps.

And finally the most important: benefits
After putting the money obstacles aside because of low expenses, instant recovery, and high return, let's talk benefits.
+ Time savings, internally and in your client's interactions
+ Go online, right there where your clients are now, allowing 2-way secure interaction
+ Paperless office with searchable digital information and documents
+ Client-Matter centric approach with access to all the details just a click away
+ Easy and affordable integration with archiving and eDiscovery tools
+ Working better together with any team, at any time, from any place, on any device

Clio will give you the good side of all those acronyms you care about
No CapEx, Lower OpEx, Lower TCO, High ROI, Instant BEP
(no capital expenses, lower operating expenses, lower total cost of ownership, high return of investment, instant break even point)

The Future is Now with Clio.