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What if I already have some map coordinates: latitude and longitude?

posted Mar 27, 2014, 9:01 AM by Faustino Rodriguez
The new feature allowing optional Latitude and Longitude columns on the Data sheet, is available since version 1.101sv9 (although not well documented until now)

This is how this feature works:
  • Assuming you already have a set of numeric map coordinates (Latitude and Longitude) for some or all your data
  • These two coordinates have to be in a valid numeric format (it is the only way it works)
    • example of valid numbers: 43.450471, -79.200666
    • but not in other formats like
    • 43.450471N, 79.200666W << invalid
    • 43°27'01.7"N 79°12'02.4"W << invalid
  • Latitude must be between -90 and 90, excluding the extremes
  • Longitude must be between -180 and 180, including the extremes
  • You need to add a couple of extra columns (Latitude and Longitude) on your Data sheet, and enter your coordinates there. The headers (in row #1) for these two extra columns must have exactly those names: Latitude and Longitude
  • The column you select for Location (Address) in the sidebar dialog will only be used if there is no Latitude / Longitude for that particular line
  • The table below is a valid example from a sample spreadsheet
    • in this case, the add-on will use the provided map coordinates (Latitude and Longitude) for Miles and Ferguson
    • but calculate (Geocoding) the coordinates for the other three addresses.
Miles LewisManagement Consultants865 Chestnut Street, Mississauga, ONLetpro43.450471-79.200666
Peggy McknightManagement Consultants313 Elliott Place, Mississauga, ONPolarax
Ferguson SparksTravel Agencies705 Canda Avenue, Mississauga, ONExtragene00
Forbes RiddleTravel Agencies234 Powers Street, Mississauga, ONEarthwax
Cornelia DanielAerospace and Aviation841 Murdock Court, Mississauga, ONDigiprint