About theXS


We are always working around an old proverb: “a solution cannot exceed the problem” or even better “why fix a problem you can avoid.”


To provide enterprise-class solutions to small businesses in a cost-effective way with focus on security, integration and collaboration.


Information Technologies (IT) are about to shift for the better to a simple and more effective paradigm. We are in that move already.


Simple is better. Good is perfect.


“forget IT, we'll do IT for you.”


theXS is not just a business name, it's a project and a way of living. theXS stands for abundance as it sounds (the excess) and for simplicity as it looks (the extra small). Sound and look become the message: "simplifying IT for abundance."

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Email: support at theXS dot ca

Call: +1 (416) 821-3185
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Mississauga, ON, L5J 4H8 Canada