Current Issues, FAQ and Feedback

Current Issues

When using multiple Google accounts

There is a persistent and annoying issue that might happen when you are using (logged in or not) multiple Google accounts in the same browser session

When opening the add-on sidebar, you would see one of the following error messages:

  • "ScriptError: Authorization is required to perform that action"
  • "ScriptError: Service unavailable: Docs"
  • "Exception: You do not have permissions to access the requested document."

This error is related to an old reported Google issue issue as detailed in this post. You can star it to get some more attention from Google support.

This issue should disappear,

  • If you log in with just the intended Google account, or
  • If the intended Google account is the default among the others

Alternative, you can use multiple profiles/people, as described on this Google post

This way, each account will run in an isolated browser session, avoiding this and many other potential issues


There are no other current issues in the add-on at this time. If you are having an issue, please submit your feedback below.

Please check the Limitations, Common Issues and Known Errors page for more information.

An important update on Google Drive access permissions

On May.23, 2019 we updated the scopes and permissions the add-on requires to work on you Google account

  • All previous users have to reauthorize the add-on, now with a limited / restrictive access to your Google Drive
  • The new permission would be as "View and manage Google Drive files and folders that you have opened or created with this app"
    • In other words: the Script can only access a private folder it creates within your Google Drive and the data files it creates within that folder
  • We don't foresee any major disruptions, but something might go wrong in some scenarios during this transition

Some users who installed the add-on before May.23, 2019 have reported the following

  • When going to their Google account > Security Checkup > Third-party access page > Mapping Sheets
  • They still see the old full access to Google Drive permission there, even though the add-on is not using that permission anymore
  • The only way we know so far to correct this issue, it is for the user to remove access to the add-on from that page
  • And then, reload the add-on to authorize it again with the updated permissions

Please, let us know if you have any question about this process.


What's a "geocode" error and how do I fix it?

More than a few users have received the following warning: "Service invoked too many times for one day: geocode." Learn more about Geocoding Service Quotas.

What does "Warning: Problem loading the .json data file" mean and how do I fix it?

This error is related with accessing the json data file in the xsMapping folder in your Google Drive. Please read this post for more details on how to solve this issue.

What about those required headers for Mapping?

Among the many columns you can have, there are 3-key required columns that plays a special role in your map: Title, Filter, and Location.

See more details about these required columns on this post.

Can I trust this add-on? Is it safe to use?

Our short answer: yes. The Mapping Sheets add-on is safe to use. You can trust this add-on.

But that's not enough. As a user, you have to do your own research about the developer/organization behind any application and come to your own conclusions.

Trust in the Cloud is critical. It requires time and transparency. Learn more about us and what we do on this post.

How many locations can I plot on a map?

If using the Basic Free Plan, you can only build a map with up to 50 locations, while with the Advanced Premium Plan you don't have that restriction.

However, it might take from a few clicks to a few days to build a large map (on the many thousands), depending on the type of Google account you are using

See more details on this question, as well on how long it takes to BUILD a large map, on this post.

How To?

How to use custom colors for my map icons?

You can choose your own custom colors and shapes, associated with each unique value of the column you select as Filter

You just need to create a new sheet with the name Icons within the spreadsheet where you want to customize your marker icons, as described on this post

How to share my map with others?

First, share the .json file for view access, with anyone you want to give access to your map. You can do this from the add-on sidebar > ⋮ menu > Share my map.

Then, send them the full link (url) to your map so they can open it.

See full details, procedure and background notes on this post

How to set the Location using several columns?

If you have the full address split across several columns, you can combine them and even include some static content, into a Location template using those columns as {{placeholder}}, like for example: {{Address}}, {{City}}, {{Postcode}}, Canada

See full details and procedure on this post.

How to use my own map coordinates (Latitude and Longitude)?

If you already have a set of numeric map coordinates (Latitude and Longitude) for some or all your data, you just need to have those numeric coordinates under a pair or columns with name Latitude and Longitude

See full details and procedure on this post.

How to ...?

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We value your feedback and are always working to make the Mapping Sheets add-on better for all our users.

Please submit your feedback by filling out this form.

We are aiming to reply within one (1) business day, however it might take longer, depending on current communication volume and available resources.