Mapping Optimal Routing Directions

The Goal

When adding the Routing feature to the Mapping web app our single and unique goal is to Sort the right-side Listing following an optimal route.

The Scope

  1. The Routing feature is disabled by default,
    1. You have to opt-in by selecting "Enable Routing on Listing", under the add-on Preferences > Routing
    2. You would need an active advanced premium plan subscription to use the Routing feature
  2. The optimal routing has two optional types
    1. From First to Last [selected] locations on the Listing
    2. Roundtrip (or Start / End) at a predefined Homebase location
  3. The Routing works only for up to 25 way-points plus origin and destination, like 27 'map points' in the route from start to end
    1. The number of the actual locations you can do the Routing depends on the type of Routing as follows:
    2. First-to-Last (27), Homebase-Roundtrip (25), Homebase-Start/End (26)
  4. The Mapping web app would work with the predefined settings from the add-on Preferences (Routing)
  5. After narrowing down the locations showing on the Listing, by using the available Filters, you would have the choice of
    1. Exclude specific locations from the Listing, either to get within the allowed limit or because some locations are not part of your target for routing
    2. Set the First and Last in Route (origin and destination). If no First or Last in Route is selected the Mapping would set First and Last as showing in the Listing
  6. In addition to sorting the Listing locations following the optimal route, there are some other features like,
    1. An optional "Show Directions panel switch" button, that would list step-by-step route instructions. When you click an entry in the Directions panel, it would show the corresponding point in the map
    2. And optional "Export to new tab" button, that would show the Listing in a new tab, each with a go-to direction link. Additionally a link to show directions on Google Maps and optionally the route instructions.
    3. First and Last locations, when set, would have a background color "green" and "red" -like accordingly
    4. An optional choice to drag and drop the Homebase location icon on the map
  7. Limitation on using the Routing feature
    1. At this moment the Routing is not available if the Mapping web app is embedded in another web page or website.
  8. The screenshot below shows most of these features and options

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You would need an active advanced premium plan subscription to use the Routing feature.