Advanced Premium Plan subscription

Scope, Conditions and Limitations

As mentioned in the store/marketplace Mapping Sheets add-on listing and in the Subscription dialog,

Please, when subscribing to the Mapping Sheets add-on Advanced Premium Plan, be sure you are aware of ...

Pricing (†)

(†) If you already have a subscription at a lower price, it will automatically remain the same and no action is required from you, unless you cancel your subscription or the auto-renewal payment fails.


We introduced the Advanced Premium Plan for the Mapping Sheets add-on, as a way to make this project sustainable, while continuing to improve and support the add-on, as we have done for quite some time.

However, if you need to use the premium features and cannot currently pay for the subscription, we are willing to consider and accommodate your requirements. Please contact us if you would like to discuss this further.

How to subscribe?


How to cancel my subscription (Unsubscribe)?

You can cancel the subscription at any time and your premium plan will remain active until the end of term

To cancel your Mapping Sheets premium plan subscription, you have two options

Once the subscription is cancelled

(†) Removing (Uninstall) the add-on from your Google account would not cancel your premium plan subscription. You will need to unsubscribe as explained above.

About automatic renewals

When you subscribe to the Advanced Premium Plan, you will get an annual or monthly automatic subscription renewal charge from PayPal, unless your subscription is cancelled before the renewal day

About using PayPal

Other relevant notes

About changing the Google account email associated with the premium plan

Why is our Mapping solution so affordable?

We get that question quite often, so we are trying to list the few reasons that might explain it below:

Due to all of the above reasons, we are (in most cases) able to charge for a whole year what other similar solutions charge per month. Pricing is low but fair for everyone involved.