Advanced Premium Plan subscription

Scope, Conditions and Limitations

As mentioned in the store/marketplace Mapping Sheets add-on listing and in the Subscription dialog,

Please, when subscribing to the Mapping Sheets add-on Advanced Premium Plan, be sure you are aware of ...

Pricing (†)

(†) If you already have a subscription at a lower price, it will automatically remain the same and no action is required from you, unless you cancel your subscription or the auto-renewal payment fails.

  • The subscription plan has two options for you to choose from, depending on your preferences and requirements:

    1. Monthly subscription at 16 USD per user per month

    2. Annual subscription at 96 USD per user per year (8 USD per user per month)

  • Occasionally, we may offer promotional discounts. It would be advertised on this website top banner and through add-on announcements

  • We are offering the premium plan at no charge to G Suite for Education and Nonprofits for all users in their domains


We introduced the Advanced Premium Plan for the Mapping Sheets add-on, as a way to make this project sustainable, while continuing to improve and support the add-on, as we have done for quite some time.

  • We understand that the Basic Free Plan might not fulfill the requirements of some users

  • We chose a small (monthly or annual) contribution aiming to make it quite affordable to most users

However, if you need to use the premium features and cannot currently pay for the subscription, we are willing to consider and accommodate your requirements. Please contact us if you would like to discuss this further.

How to subscribe?

  • From the Google Sheets main menu, click Add-ons > Mapping Sheets > Subscription

    • OR from the add-on sidebar, click the ⋮ menu at the top right corner and select Subscription

  • In the dialog box that would open, choose between Monthly or Annual plan for maximum savings

  • Then click on the button of your choice on the right and follow the steps to complete your subscription

    • You can pay using a PayPal account OR by Credit or Debit Card (as a PayPal guest)

  • Please wait until processing ends. It might take about a minute

  • Your Advanced Premium Plan should be active shortly after receiving the payment notification from PayPal

  • The next automatic renewal date is shown as Next: yyyy-mm-dd

  • Your subscription will be associated with the Google account you were using at the time of subscribing

  • The subscription is non-refundable / non-transferable

  • We are unable to generate individual subscription invoices from our accounting system


How to cancel my subscription (Unsubscribe)?

You can cancel the subscription at any time.

To cancel your Mapping Sheets premium plan subscription, you have two options

  1. If you paid using your PayPal account, you can cancel it directly at PayPal by following this link

  2. You can also just click on this link to open a new Google spreadsheet showing the add-on menu then

    • Select the Subscription option from the Add-ons menu > Mapping Sheets

    • Click on the Unsubscribe button (as shown on the first image on the side)

    • It will open a dialog for confirmation (as shown on the second image on the side)

    • Please enter the reasons for cancelling in case we can do better in the future

    • Finally, click on the UNSUBSCRIBE text button in the dialog to submit your request

    • We will cancel your subscription shortly after

Once the subscription is cancelled

  • Future automatic renewal payments will stop

  • The premium plan can be used until the end of the subscription term.

About automatic renewals

When you subscribe to the Advanced Premium Plan, you will get an annual or monthly automatic subscription renewal charge from PayPal, unless your subscription is cancelled before the renewal day

  • There is no renewal alert/notification from PayPal ahead of renewal date, as far as we know, however

  • For annual subscriptions, we will send you a renewal reminder email on the previous month of your renewal date, so you are aware of the coming automatic renewal payment

About using PayPal

  • We use the PayPal gateway to process the subscriptions, mostly because it is widely available and well trusted around the world

  • You can pay by any major credit card or using a PayPal account

  • We have no access to your credit card or PayPal account, as PayPal says ... "Your personal and financial information is securely stored (at PayPal) and never shared with merchants when you pay."

Other relevant notes

About changing the Google account email associated with the premium plan

  • There is no way to transfer a subscription to another account. It is associated with the account you were using at the time of subscribing

  • However, if you have a real need, just let us know by submitting a Feedback ticket, with the explanations and the email accounts involved

Why is our Mapping solution so affordable?

We get that question quite often, so we are trying to list the few reasons that might explain it below:

  • We don't host your data, so we have no servers to configure, maintain and protect

  • We have much less to do than other apps concerning privacy and data protection because the information you map is always under your control within your Google account

  • The software development costs are partially covered by extended custom Mapping solutions we build for selected clients

  • We are (still) a small and nimble team

Due to all of the above reasons, we are (in most cases) able to charge for a whole year what other similar solutions charge per month. Pricing is low but fair for everyone involved.