Privacy, TOS, SLA and Liability

By using our services, solutions, web apps and add-ons scripts you hereby acknowledge, consent and agree to our Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, Service Level Agreement and Liability Statements, as listed on this page.

Updated on Apr. 04, 2023


As long as we only work within the Google Cloud Platform, mostly using Google Apps Script (as a web app or add-on) within the user’s Google account, privacy is for us not just by design but also a premise.

We don’t store or access your data directly, we rely on Google services to process the information as required by the script.

We collect minimal information from you when using our services and scripts

What information we collect?

We collect your email address.

Then, associated with your email address we also collect:

Where is that information stored?

How is that information used?

How we protect that information?

Do we access your data?

Do we share your information?

How we communicate with you?

Special access for support and troubleshooting

In very special and seldom cases, we respond to requests to and also offer help on troubleshooting specific issues.

In those cases we might have access to your data, provided you share your Google document with us, after agreeing on the following premises and terms:

Access, scopes, permissions and authorization

When using any of our web apps and add-ons Scripts, hosted on Google Apps servers, you would be asked for authorization to access several services running on your Google account,  as shown below. 

About the purpose and actual use of each of these scopes.

Depending on the Script you are using, you might just have to authorize just some of these scopes

Developer access

Note that the Script having access to those services doesn’t mean we do. 

We, as the developers, won’t have direct access to any of those services neither to your data within your Google account or domain.

Other notes

TOS, SLA and Liability

Our web apps and add-ons scripts are hosted on Google Apps servers and all your data stays there within your Google account, accordingly both the scripts and your data will enjoy the same Terms of Services (TOS) and Service Level Agreement (SLA) you already have with Google.

The same way that Google “End Users Using Scripts or Add-ons” Terms, declines to assume any responsibility for Scripts or Add-ons, we also do decline as declared in such Terms.

Our services and scripts are provided on an "AS IS" basis. In addition to that we just offer Best Effort basis SLA for the expected and correct functioning of our services and scripts, and on that we commit fully.

Other than that we offer no guarantees, warranties, or any assurances, expressed or implied, about or around the use of our scripts. Neither we can be hold accountable or liable for anything that could happen, related or not with the use of our services and scripts, even if it’s not explicitly written here.

We are all riding at the edge of Google Cloud Platform technologies, that are constantly evolving, usually for the better. However, as a result, features that we are using and relying on, might be discontinued by Google in the future. We aim to adapt and evolve as Google technologies does, but we cannot guarantee we will always succeed on that effort.

The Mapping web app is using Google Maps Platform API (Javascript API v3 calls) within the mapping html page, see specific privacy and terms here.

In addition to all above statements we might include some more details for specific scripts and custom solutions, in their own main page and terms.

Additional notes

About user's data and content

About acceptable use

About fair usage

About the GDPR

About 3rd party Api access

(†) We may change these terms from time to time at our sole discretion. Your continued use of our solutions after any change in these terms will constitute your acceptance of such changes.

Please, contact us for any questions or concerns you might have about our privacy and terms.


All our Apps (†)  use and transfer to any other app of information received from Google APIs will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

(†) Including all our web apps, add-ons and scripts, like Merging Mail from Sheets, Mapping Sheets, Sheets from Quickbooks, Sheets from Solve and any others