Cloud Computing

What the... is Cloud Computing? (1)

Don't feel alone, there are many who haven't heard about that Cloud yet, and most of who had are still wondering (or wandering?) what is Cloud Computing?

Without replacing neither translating an official definition (*), here is my view on what is Cloud Computing at least for Small Businesses:

“Working better together in a centric, secure and collaborative environment, with any team, at any time, from any place, on any device”

Or even shorter as a Client said after finishing the installation of Google Apps for Business in his Company:

“We are NOW working together, as a TEAM”

(1) We will keep writing about this very same question from different points of view and approaches.

(*) for an official version check NIST definition of Cloud Computing: they spent a few years and 15 drafts to get it, so don’t feel you are the only one having troubles with the Cloud. (see below as Sep.2011)

Cloud Computing as we see IT from theXS

Is about having access to your Data and Applications from anywhere, at anytime and on any device while in a centric, secure and collaborative environment.

We provide a full path to the Cloud using Google Apps for Business as a cost-effective alternative for a small business, integrating email, contacts, calendars, office documents, storage, sites, groups, chat, talk, videos and rooms in a secure and collaborative space, all in your Internet browser.

Additional and Custom Apps are readily available from productivity suites to specific document scripts, all of them using a single sign-on feature.