2012-12-21 moving forward

Post date: Dec 18, 2012 3:36:41 PM

The countdown is running thin already and just in case I am writing this short post.

Sometime ago I read a very good collection of "theories" around the end of Mayan Calendar cycle, very entertaining and enlightening, both, even though not conclusive, and that was the best part, right? >> "not accepted by mainstream scholarship"

As long as Humanity at large would benefit from some sort of Enlightening Shift, associating this "Galactic Alignment" if that's the case, with such a positive shift is at the very least a sign of a good intention.

We have seen major shifts in the presumable history of the Universe and just watching the World news, it seems we are due for such a new shift: would it be a breakdown or a breakthrough?

So far, the most important events around me for that 20121221 day are a few:

  • I am taking the Google Apps Certified Sales Specialist Exam, wish me good luck
  • Somebody I dearly love is travelling in Italy
  • Finishing up a Proof of Concept around Google Apps for Professional Real Estate Agents
  • A special weekend is about to start that night
  • and That's it

Moving forward after 20121221 into the year 2013, I will be focusing even more in Cloud Computing Solutions for Small Medium Business using Google Apps with emphasis on building Apps within, using Google Apps Script

If you are still reading this, I hope to help you in 2013 with your IT challenges.