2015 Mapping Sheets with Google Maps, new year resolutions

Post date: Dec 31, 2014 5:17:23 PM

As any other wishes list, this new year 2015 resolutions for Mapping Sheets add-on would be just a high view route / guidance.

And also, as any other, we will change it over the new year, hopefully for the better.

Here it is, Mapping Sheets on 2015 milestones / path

  1. Introduce GeoJson data layer format as the standard for data files. This would open endless possibilities ahead
  2. Change the default icons from sprites image to coloured shape icons, using SVG path format. Also allowing for user's own icons in various levels, like color, shape, and even the old sprites image
  3. Improve user's customization through different approaches, including in App settings dialog, in Sheet definitions, and also by Developer on request Config file
  4. Make the Map webpage mobile friendly, by including a 3-step button () to hide / show the left sidebar allowing full screen map. Also removing the 1-line header.
  5. Provide an optional / on request mapping web page on a public host for those users whose domain doesn't allow to share a folder as Public.
  6. Allow for private data file as an exception, using a call back token when viewing the map
  7. Add an optional optimal routing with directions over the map, for selected locations
  8. Revamp the add-on and the map user interface using Angular Material, an into the future combination of AngularJS and Material Design
  9. Introduce an optional automatic trigger that updates the data for the map, this trigger could be time-based and in response to changes on the sheet.
  10. Under "Show surrounding area of" use a text box to enter any radius value, combined with a list box with more units (m, km, ft, mile)

ps. As well as any other, it's still unfinished, however we are including your suggestions.