Cloud adoption: objections becoming advantages

Post date: Jan 14, 2013 12:10:42 PM

After finishing a presentation with some of my clients about Cloud Computing, their main objections were security and privacy and this is usually the major concern among business owners.

There are countless references on both topics from this simple approach to a more detailed explanation about Google Apps security and privacy.

However, I have found two references that show how these objections are becoming advantages, from the less expected, security from the military and privacy from a large international bank.

1. As you can see on this publication (eWeek) the US military (NSA) counts on the Cloud to Boost Cyber-Security as a key part of the intelligence community’s IT strategy.

2. And just a major bank from Spain (BBVA) signed with Google Apps for his 110K staff with goals in innovation, decisions making and productivity.

Cloud Computing is effective and affordable for Small Business and seeing how the Enterprise is embracing this technology, I would strongly recommend to SMB owners considering the adoption of some form of Cloud Computing early this year with goals in data security, integration and collaboration.