Cloud SQL and Datastore

Post date: Jul 11, 2012 2:01:35 PM

When working on Google Apps Engine you have a choice of Databases

  • standard MySQL coded Cloud SQL, or
  • schema-less NoSQL coded Datastore

Although "the best tool is the one you master" having regular skills in both approaches would give you plenty of choice when starting a new project.

Here is a video presentation from Google IO 2012 on the subject that shows some confrontation towards reconciliation at the end. The presentation goes over a few topics on both databases like Queries, Transactions, Consistency, Scalability, Management and Schema.

In my view

  1. If you already have a project or even just a design SQL based, the right choice might be Cloud SQL
  2. For a very simple & small App or for the very complex & large project, Cloudstore might be the right choice
  3. For a standard App specially designed for your Company Cloud SQL would be my recommendation

Other than that we should look at cost while running an App using either one

ps. more choices as usual > look for Google Cloud Storage and ScriptDb JSON Database.