How to filter locations within a buffer area around a route trip


A buffer area is a shape (a polygon) around a route trip (a polyline) with the border at a certain distance (radius).

This feature allows to filter the locations around a route across several points on the map

There are two types of route trip depending on how you get it

Warning: Both types of Buffer can be enabled for the same map BUT they cannot work at the same time


Buffer:Route (∗)

Buffer:Trip (∗κ)

In addition to Enable, Radius, Step and Units described above

Mapping app

Buffer:Route (∗)

After getting an optimized route across your filtered locations

Buffer:Trip (∗κ)

First, expand the Trip buffer panel in the sidebar

In both types of Buffer the Reset button will clear the route and the buffer around

Buffer:Route screenshots combining sidebar and map

Buffer:Trip screenshots combining sidebar and map