How to update my map automatically when the data changes

Enable Unattended time-based BUILD

On each document you want to use this feature, just do as follows



Find some further details and screenshots below

You would need to BUILD a map first (even a partial one) on each datasheet, to get access to the Unattended BUILD option, otherwise it'd show up disabled (greyed out)

After your first BUILD, you would be able to access and enable the Unattended BUILD option, as well as selecting the frequency in hours (1,2,4,6,8,12)

On Google Editor add-ons time-driven triggers cannot run more frequently than once per hour.

/dev: see restrictions on add-on time-based triggers

When selecting the Unattended BUILD option (click on checkbox) for the first time, on each datasheet

Note that after providing authorisation to the current spreadsheet

Issues or Limitations

The feature is working fine but there are some potential issues, as the user is not there when the BUILD happens