mobiKEY: a medicine for commute?

Post date: Jul 18, 2012 12:44:47 PM

It looks like a USB key but also includes a smart card for security and encryption during the remote connection OR as one of my Clients said: “this mobiKEY is a medicine for my daily commute.” (*)

The combination of this portable mobiKEY with the truOFFICE software running in your computer (Host) allow you to work remotely in your computer, like if you were sitting there.

As Route1 defines in their web site (read the complete definition here):

“The Route1 MobiKEY Classic device is an identity validation tool … The MobiKEY device allows users to securely access data remotely … the MobiKEY device ensures that the user leaves no trace or evidence of their computing session … All enterprise files stay within the enterprise firewalls, simplifying security policy enforcement … The MobiKEY device minimizes information security risks by eliminating the need for users to carry a laptop or other mobile devices loaded with enterprise data and applications.”

ps. do not forget your password or the mobiKEY would become damaged after the third attempt.

(*) a couple of “not driving to the office for…” a month, would pay for the cost of this solution.

Remote Access + Local Experience = A Cure for Commute.