Ubuntu is coming through our Windows

Post date: Jul 3, 2012 8:21:56 PM

It’s good to have a choice, even better if it’s a better choice. When talking about Software options, looking into Open Source Software (Free) is a must to consider for Business of all sizes.

Last April a new version of Ubuntu (12.04 LTS) was made available and this new launching (a new release every six months, a LTS – Long Term Support version – every two years with 5 years support, around the clock so far) is raising the same question again:

Is this the right time for my business, to Upgrade from Windows XP to Ubuntu?

There a lot of good reasons (*) around less Money, more features and better performance, however the most compelling in my view is that “in a time of moving our data and processes to a Cloud Computing model, why keep investing in a desktop software like Windows and their applications?”

(*) find more about this migration on this page, below a brief excerpt from this document

“You’ve been putting off the Windows 7 upgrade, and with good reason. It’s eye-wateringly expensive, and that’s without the additional costs of Office 2010 and new high-end hardware. Gartner estimates that…”