Using multiple columns for Geocoding with a Location template

Location in multiple columns

Your location could be split across several columns, which means it contains several headers, one per column as appears in the example on the right.

The next step will be making a Location Template.

Click on the … on the right side of the Location line on the sidebar, it will take you to Preferences > Document, there you will find the "Template for Location" at the bottom of the page.

Location template

Finally create your Template for Location typing each location header wrapped in {{}}, if one or more items are the same for all locations as shown in the example on the right, then just add it on the template without wrapping it. Here the item "Canada" does not change.

Once you have created your template for location, it will appear on the sidebar as in the example on the right.

When building a new map, this template will produce an address for Geocoding matching each location.

Please, try this feature first with a few rows of data, until you get the desired results, to avoid unneeded calls to the Google Geocoding service.