What if I already have some map coordinates: latitude and longitude?

This is how this feature works:

  • Assuming you already have a set of numeric map coordinates (Latitude and Longitude) for some or all your data
  • These two coordinates have to be in a valid numeric format (it is the only way it works)
    • example of valid numbers: 43.450471, -79.200666
    • but not in other formats like
      • 43.450471N, 79.200666W << invalid
      • 43°27'01.7"N 79°12'02.4"W << invalid
  • Latitude must be a number between -90 and 90, excluding the extremes
  • Longitude must be a number between -180 and 180, including the extremes
  • You need to add a couple of extra columns (Latitude and Longitude) on your Data sheet, and enter your coordinates there. The headers (usually in row #1) for these two extra columns must have exactly those names: Latitude and Longitude
  • The column you select for Location (Address) in the sidebar dialog will only be used if there is no Latitude / Longitude values for that particular line
  • The table below is a valid example from a sample spreadsheet
    • in this case, the add-on will use the provided map coordinates (Latitude and Longitude) for Miles and Ferguson
    • but calculate (Geocoding) the coordinates for the other three addresses.