Why do I need those 3 column headers for mapping?

Among the many columns you can have in your Data sheet for mapping, there are 3 key columns that play a special role in your map: Title, Filter, and Location.

Let's use a few images to illustrate this better.

1. Columns in your Data sheet can have any name and order, it's up to you. Here's the sample data we use for testing:

2. Now we have to select which of those columns we are going to use for Title, Filter, and Location on the add-on sidebar. In this case we will use Name, Category, and Address.

If you have changed the headers in the Data sheet and still don't see them in the list, click on icon to refresh the lists.

3. Let's comment on the roles and restrictions of each one.

Title: The information from the column you choose will appear as the header of the info window that pops up when you click on a marker, and also as part of the tool tip that appears when you move your mouse over a marker. Look for "Miles Lewis" in the image below.

Filter: This is usually a column you could use to group your data under specific labels or categories. In our sample data, it is the type of industry, but it could be anything. On your map, you will see the values from this column as check boxes for filtering your data on the map. In the image below, we have filtered the map so it only shows the markers from the categories "Management Consultants" and "Travel Agencies".

Location: This is the key piece of information to place a marker on the map. It has to be something that can be converted into a pair of coordinates (latitude and longitude). That being said, it could be a simple address or a name for a location.

Note: For privacy reasons, the addresses on our sample map are not real; they are associated with random coordinates within the city of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.