Filtering on your map with Shapes


  • This is just a rough draft page while designing this extended (custom) feature

  • We are still working in a prototype and gathering support and feedback from interested early adopters

  • The informacion on this page can change at anytime and might not reflect the current or future stage of this feature

  • Please contact us if you are interested in supporting the development of this new feature

Drawing shapes to filter your locations within

The goal is to provide a new and flexible option to filter your locations on the map based on their position

  • The user would draw one or several shapes on the map, that could be selected to filter the locations within

  • So in addition to the other filters based on each location properties, the filtering would include only the locations within the selected shapes

  • Previusly we only had the "Find a place" filter that deals with the position on the map, with Shapes comes a new freedom for filtering

p.s. It is like extending the "find a place on the map and draw a circle around for filtering", to "draw any kind of shape(s) anywhere on the map for filtering"

Shapes layer preferences

First, enable the Shapes layer feature under the add-on Preferences > Layers > Shapes, then set the options

  • Modes: type of shapes you want to draw on the map from the available multi-select list

  • Draggable: it allows to move a shape around the map

  • Editable: it allows to edit the shape dimensions on the map

  • Download: option to save selected shapes as a file to later upload them

  • Color: to select (or enter your own) shape filling color

  • Opacity: to set the opacity (opposite of transparency) of the filling color (from 0 to 1)

Drawing and editing shapes on the map

  • Select a shape icon from the drawing toolbar at the top-center of the map and draw the shape as follows

    • circle: click for center, move the mouse for radius, click to finish

    • rectangle: click for first corner, move for opposite corner, click to finish

    • polygon: click for first vertex, move and click for next vertices, until it is closed
      (a click on the first or last vertex will close the polygon)

    • smoothed: same as polygon, but it gets smoothed when finished

    • contour: click to start, drag to free-hand draw, release to close it

  • Set filter on and off by selecting a shape with a single click on it
    (selected shapes for filtering will show the filling color)

  • Change the shape's position on the map by grab (click n hold), drag and drop it

  • Edit the shape depending on its type as follows

    • circle: grab, drag n drop any of the four anchors to change the radius

    • rectagle: grab, drag n drop any of the four corners or edges anchors to change dimensions

    • polygon: grab, drag n drop a vertex to change its position, grab, drag n drop an edge to insert a new vertex, ctrl+click on a vertex to remove it

  • Name each shape by right-click on the shape and typing a new name

Shapes drawing toolbar

Shapes (3) below with different selected status

Shapes options section

Options (icons) in the Shapes section header, from left to right

  • (2/3) number of selected shapes for filtering / total shapes

  • Download: selected shapes as a local .mshapes file for further use

  • Upload: a previously downloaded .mshapes file from the local computer

  • Reset: remove all current shapes from the map, if none is selected

  • Undo: removed the latest added shape from the map, if not selected

  • Switch: enable / disable the Draggable and Editable options

  • Checkbox: select all / none of the shapes for filtering

  • Arrow donw: expand / collapse the shapes multi-select list

Shapes section in the filters sidebar (collapsed & expanded)

Showing the shapes names and selection list