How to share my map

In short, to share your map with others


Background notes

- When you click BUILD in the Mapping Sheets add-on, it creates a .json file in the xsMapping folder in your Google Drive, ready for mapping using the Mapping web app

- The name of that .json file is based on the spreadsheet and sheet names for easy recognition as follows:


- By default, your map is private (only you, the owner, can access it) 

- If you want to share your map with others, you have to share that .json file with them with “Can View” access

- The “Share my map” option (in the ⋮ menu in the add-on sidebar) will open the G Drive sharing settings for that .json file. Add the Google accounts (emails) you want to give access to your map.

- Please note: If you delete the .json file or change the name of your spreadsheet or datasheet, the add-on will create a brand new .json file that you will have to share again

- Alternatively, some people just share the xsMapping folder with others, so they will have access to all your maps if you send them the map link

- The map link ends with a scrambled ID (e.g. “?fid=long-scrambled-id”) that is very hard to guess if you don't have the full link

+ Find more details and a workflow diagram 'from Sheets to Drive then Mapping' on this page:

The map link (Url) consists of two parts

- the Mapping web app Url:

- And your .json file id as a parameter


The .json file in your Google Drive is created when you click on BUILD button and it contains all the settings and data of your map, ready to be open by the Mapping web app

In addition to send them the full link (Url) of your map, you have to share that .json file in your Google Drive for View access with them, as follow

- In the Mapping Sheets add-on after building your map, open the 3-dot menu in the sidebar top-right corner

- Then select "Share my map"

- It will take you to the Google Drive sharing settings for your .json file (your map data file) as shown below

- Select "Can view" as the access level and enter the Google account emails of the persons you want to view your map, then click Done

- If you want anybody to view your map without having a Google account, you would have to share the .json file for Public or Anyone with the link can access

Click Advanced, then select the Link sharing option you want