How to share and access my map

In short, to share your map with others

For more details and other sharing options, see the next sections below

Your map is Private by default

Share your map with other specific people 

In this case the shared map users will be asked to Sign in with their Google account to access and also on the first time to select the file from the Picker dialog to authorize access

Share your map  within your Organization (domain)

In this case see note about how the Picker can discover and show the shared map file 

Share your map for public access without using a Google account

In this case you also have to publish your map in Google Cloud Storage, as explained in this post

How to access a map depending on the sharing options

When a user opens a restricted map

p.s. you can access the pop-ups setting in Chrome browser using the following link

On the first time a user opens the Mapping web app

p.s. (/dev) The Mapping app uses the following 'Recommended Non-sensitive' scope:
"Create new Drive files, or modify existing files, that you open with an app or that the user shares with an app while using the Google Picker API or the app's file picker."

If the user is the owner of this restricted map

If it is a shared map user accessing this restricted map

(†) The first time using the Google File Picker it will ask you to allow embedded content (If all cookies are disabled)

Disclaimer: Our Mapping solution does not create or directly use any kind of cookies.

More information from Google

Using the Google File Picker to authorize access to this restricted map

Exception: it's a shared map user but the Picker doesn't show anything

When anyone opens a public & published map

TL;DR: Some random notes