How to publish your public map on Google Cloud Storage

Rationale and Premises

Publishing on Google Cloud Storage

Publishing a public map on Google Cloud Storage (GCS) is a 3-step procedure as listed and explained below

1. Build

(1) Not available yet

2. Share

(2) Available and enabled, no published map yet

3. Publish

So far there is no automatic option for removing a published map. You will need to contact us for that.

*** Ensure you use the published map's GCS Url if you include your map (embedded or by link) in your website

(3) Published and map link available


How is it done?

The Publisher app has no access to any user's restricted files in order to guarantee that only an actual public map that you have shared with anyone with the link can be published.

The publishing 4-step workflow is listed below and shown in the diagram on the side

Other notes


Background notes

Since January 2024, after a change made by Google started blocking the authorization workflow between the Browser and Google Drive (likely based on Google's cookies before that) 

Publishing workflow diagram