New Features Roadmap

The Mapping Sheets add-on and the Mapping web app were built out of our client requirements, and they have grown on the last few years thanks to your valuable feedback and support.

With the idea of adding some predictability and confidence in the future of this solution, we have put together this simple page with the new features roadmap we are already working on, including also those we are still dreaming about.

Stable in production (deployed)

All stable and documented features, for both the Mapping Sheets add-on and the Mapping web app, are listed in the Google Add-ons store and in the add-on main page.

Going live (deploying)

These features are either already live or deploying soon, but not yet listed in the store/marketplace

+ Find a place, draw a circle around, with option to filter locations within its boundaries

+ Set and apply a custom style definition for your map, with thousands available online

− Set the optional data headers row in case it's not the row #1 as default

− Define a Location Template using placeholders for headers if the full address is split across several columns

− An option to use English language instead of current G Sheets locale language

− Using Marker Clusters to combine markers of close proximity into clusters, for better performance and navigation

− Optional cluster settings for size, zoom and an [experimental] toggle button to hide/show clusters as convenient

− Faster filtering by using a debounce asynchronous function

− Spreading out overlapping location icons on click, in a spider-like approach

Working on it (developing)

+ Filter for a value greater than a number, like a standard slider with the active section on the right

+ Filter for a range of numbers, like a standard slider with two thumbs

+ Filter for a date value (equal to a date), dates must be on yyyy-mm-dd format

+ Optimal route with options for round trip and start/end locations on Listing

− Improve map sharing workflow with a prompt dialog and detailed documentation

Waiting in the Queue (designing)

+ Filter for a date range (from to dates), dates must be on yyyy-mm-dd format

+ Change the icon shape based on a selected column values, while keeping the filter's color

+ Add and update locations in the source datasheet directly from the Mapping web app

+ Unattended time-based BUILD if something has changed in the datasheet within an hour

+ Apply a weight factor to each icon, depending on a selected column values, either as a circle around or icon scale

+ Other map layers like polygons, heatmap, overlays, etc

+ A custom info dialog to show user's description and details about the map in the Mapping web app

− An option to show the full header name on mouse hover the headers in the Infowindow, useful when having too long headers in the datasheet

− Set the width and maximum height (with the choice to enforce it) of the Infowindow

Wishlist but doable (dreaming)

+ Real time map update on form submit new data

+ Save the json data file within Google Firebase Storage, as an option to current Google Drive, to improve the loading

Notes on recent Quiz

When asking for your feedback on

"Which feature do you most want to see implemented in 2018 on the Mapping Sheets add-on?"

After processing hundreds of responses to our recent quiz, the top three (3) requests are about:

1. Routing (directions and optimal route for a list of locations)

2. Sharing (better workflow and documentation on how to share my map)

3. Documentation (improve, organize, consolidate, simplify)

Other relevant requests are: Unattended Build (map auto update), Other Filter Types, Other Map Layers, More Icons, Overlapping Icons, Export Map and Listing